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MIAMI, FL – Sea Delight International, with its Subsidiaries Sea Delight Canada and Sea Delight Europe, signed Memorandum of Understanding with Coral Sea Fishing Pty Limited in Australia, Part of the SOS Resources Group, to cooperate in the supply of Tasteless Smoke treated seafood products to Australia and New Zealand. Coral Sea Fishing holds the respective patents, technologies, intellectual property and rights to import, sell and trade Tasteless Smoke, Flavorless smoke and Filtered smoke treated seafood products in Australia and New Zealand.

“This new partnership opens up opportunities to develop new markets in Australia and New Zealand for Filtered Smoke treated seafood products, and Sea Delight will be able to provide technical assistance for the use of this innovative process as well as provide treated raw material to Coral Sea Fishing via our existing supply network,” says Eugenio Sanchez, Sea Delight President. “What is more, through this partnership we also share a common vision for sustainable seafood. Coral Sea Fishing has agreed to provide a financial contribution per pound to the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, Inc. on all imported product so that they may continue supporting Fishery Improvement Projects where this raw material is being sourced from,” says Sanchez.

“This is a partnership built on mutual goals. Collectively we have a very large and capable supply network all using the Flavorless, Tasteless Filtered Smoke Technology.  Together we are working on delivering high quality seafood products to our markets using natural shelf life extension processes derived from organics.  Our shared vision for sustainable seafood will ensure this is a win-win partnership, for seafood resources and our customers,” says Sean Cauchois, Director for Coral Sea Fishing Australia.


Coral Sea Fishing Pty Limited, founded in 1999 specializes in sourcing the best quality seafood, working with the latest natural innovative food technologies and is committed to protecting our seafood resources and providing the highest quality products. We specialize in New Product Development, Portion Control Programs and Shelf Life Extension of High Value Raw Material. Coral Sea Fishing focus on raw material from wild caught sustainably fished resources and sustainably farmed aquaculture projects. Coral Sea Fishing’s signature brand SUPERFRESH ® is Australia’s leading brand of frozen value added deep sea tuna products. For sales or further information, visit

The Sea Delight Ocean Fund (SDOF), is a Miami, FL based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2012 to create and support global fishery improvement projects that promote awareness for responsible fishing practices and adequate management of the fishery with the goal of achieving seafood sustainability.  All proceeds from its annual “Taste of the Sea,” a Chef Competition and Grand Tasting event help further support fishery improvement projects in which the Sea Delight Ocean Fund participates. For further information about these projects, visit

Sea Delight LLC operates in conjunction with ADS Seafood Inc., doing business as Atlantic Fisheries from its 16,000-square-foot headquarters located in the Doral area of Miami, Florida. Their international presence has grown with offices in Vietnam and Spain which help serve Sea Delight Canada, LLC and Sea Delight Europe, SLU. To view their sustainability policy, for sales or further information, visit