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MIAMI, FL – Sea Delight International, with its Subsidiary Sea Delight Europe, have partnered with Folsø Seafood A/S as their exclusive distributor for the Nordic Countries, Holland, Belgium Poland, Baltic region, and north of Germany.  Based in Denmark and founded in 2003, Folsø Seafood A/S is an importer and exporter of exotic fish and salmon of Chile and an experienced tuna distributor in norther Europe. They service sushi chains, retailers, and fish shops.

“This new partnership opens up opportunities to develop new markets in norther Europe for our new Blended Wood Smoke products. This new process blends smoke and the perfect combination of salt and sugar, with imported hickory and local wood to impart unique aromas and flavors. In addition to using this new process, our fish is “quick frozen,” which allows the product to retain its color, flavor, aroma and texture until thawing” says Manuel Alvarez, Sea Delight Europe’s Managing Director.

“We are committed to providing our customers with quality seafood products and developing long-lasting business relationships with our suppliers. By working with Sea Delight Europe, we believe that these new blended wood smoked products will revolutionize the European tuna market and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of these new products in the northern countries and northern Germany,” says Bjon Folsø, Director of Folsø Seafood A/S.



Folsoe Seafood A/S was founded in 2003 by Mr Bjørn Folsø. The company originally started as a sales company based on trading with fresh and frozen fish. The purpose was to deliver products to the Danish and European seafood industry. Since its creation, the company has developed as an international importer of exotic fish and shrimps from Asia and salmon products from Chile. Folsoe Seafood A/S established in 2008 a purchase & logistic department in Vietnam, where local employees handle the daily challenges for managing the logistics and shipping of the very best products to the EU market.  Folsoe Seafood A/S have a stable and constant supply of high quality products from the far-east.

Sea Delight Europe, SLU was founded in 2012 by Eugenio Sanchez, Leopold Landry, and Cesar Bencosme as an initiative seeking to target the market of frozen seafood products in Europe. Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Landry and Mr. Bencosme’s combined industry experience developed over 30 years of working in the seafood business, have quickly helped our affiliated company, Sea Delight Canada, SL become an industry leader in the market of both high-quality frozen and fresh seafood in Canada. Superior products, excellent customer service and our commitment to responsible business practices have grown Sea Delight Canada, SL, and its sister companies, Sea Delight, LLC and Sea Delight International into market leaders and international conservation specialists in the seafood industry today.