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Sea Delight Europe Features Celebrity Chef Ambassador Robyn Almodovar at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels April 25th-27th.- BOOTH #8-4539

MIAMI, FL –– Sea Delight is proud to feature celebrity Chef Robyn Almodovar as their Chef Ambassador to create innovative and mouthwatering recipes for their responsibly sourced seafood products which will be showcased at the Seafood Expo Global April 25-27, 2017 in Brussels. Chef Almodovar will be creating culinary masterpieces at the expo using Tuna, Swordfish, Hamachi, Mahi-Mahi, Octopus, and Smoked Salmon.

“Coming off the huge success at the Seafood Expo North America, we are again thrilled  to collaborate with Chef Robyn Almodovar. Her presence and culinary contribution was invaluable to the success of Seafood Expo North America in Boston last month.  Chef Robyn’s passion for seafood is contagious and we cannot wait to see what she will create with our products at the Seafood Expo Global later this month. We are honored to work with her again and look forward to attendees experiencing her masterful culinary skills,” says Adriana Sanchez, Sea Delight’s Sustainability Director.

Celebrity Chef Robyn Almodovar, “Winner” of both of the Food Network’s shows Chopped and Cut Throat Kitchen, contestant on FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen and owner of the Palate Party food truck brings her award winning culinary skills and high energy to Sea Delight and the Seafood Expo Global to Brussels, April 25th – 27th. Expo attendees and the media can meet Chef Robyn Almodovar and taste her culinary creations at the Sea Delight Booth, No. 8-4539.

“Collaborating with Sea Delight LLC., as their Chef Ambassador provides me with high quality sustainable products to create seafood dishes that delight the senses. As a chef, I love using the finest responsibly sourced seafood products as well as providing me with the platform to entertain and share my culinary passions. I am so impressed with Sea Delight’s responsible and traceable sourcing policies, global Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP’s), sustainable conservation efforts and education programs,” boasts Chef Robyn Almodovar.


About Sea Delight:

Sea Delight, LLC, was founded in 2006 as an initiative that sought to target the market of high quality frozen and fresh seafood products. Superior products, excellent customer service and their commitment to responsible business practices have grown Sea Delight, LLC, and its sister companies, Sea Delight Canada (est. 2009), and Sea Delight Europe (est. 2012) into market leaders and international conservation specialists in the seafood industry today. Sea Delight LLC., operates in conjunction with ADS Seafood Inc., dba Atlantic Fisheries from its 16,000 sq. ft headquarters located in the Doral area of Miami, Florida.  To view the sustainability policy, for sales or further information please visit /  or call Toll Free at 888-FISH-199 or 305.594-9797.

About Chef Robyn Almodovar:

Chef Robyn Almodovar, graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, has mastered her culinary skills at several highly respected South Florida restaurants including The Forge and Danny Devito’s Devito South Beach as well as being casted for FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen Season 10, finishing as a Top Finalist.  In 2011, with enough courage and tenacity to strike out on her own, Almodovar purchased a 24’ food truck and founded “Palate Party”, a fresh, mobile food café that utilizes only locally, sustainably sourced ingredients.  Palate Party was the first female-owned, non-dessert food truck in South Florida. In 2013 Miami New Times voted Palate Party Best Food Truck in Miami as well as 3rd Best Food Truck in South Florida by Sun Sentinel.  In the fall of 2014,  Almodovar was selected as the Miami Food Truck Expert guest judge for 3 episodes on the new Food Network series Food Truck Face Off.  Again, loving the competition and excitement of culinary battles, in July and August of 2015, Chef Robyn Almodovar competed and won both of the Food Network’s CHOPPED and Cut Throat Kitchen. Almodovar will continue to strive as a “culinarian” and a Brand Ambassador for Sea Delight LLC.  For more info on Chef Robyn Almodovar, visit

REPORT: Vietnam Yellowfin Tuna FIP Traceability Consultation Meeting

 March 3, 2017

Nha Trang, Vietnam

The Vietnam Tuna Association (VINATUNA) and WWF hosted a meeting for participants and stakeholders in the Vietnam Yellowfin Tuna FIP here.

The primary focus of the meeting was the roll-out of the final version of the “Fit for FIP” traceability code system for Vietnam tuna processors supplying tuna products to FIP Partner customers like Sea Delight. This code allows FIP Partners to mark their products with a code that can be used to trace FIP tuna products from vessel to finished production lot.

VINATUNA representative, Mr. Tran Van Hao, gave a presentation explaining the code and how to use it. A code example and key are below:

Ex: FI-207-002-6-05-1

FI: Special code for  Vietnam yellowfin tuna, hook and line caught under FIP

207: Company code based on Government Issued Exporter Number and/or EU number. EU number is DL 207

002: Julian date code 002 is Jan. 2 for non-leap years

6: Last number of Year

05: Port Code from FIP Port List

1: Gear type. Handline = 1, longline = 2

This code can be displayed on the packaging of VN FIP tuna products sold to FIP partners.

Mr. Hao discusses the trace code implementation with meeting participants

This was followed by a presentation from Mr. David Schorr of WWF US’ Transparent Seas Project. Mr. Schorr updated the participants on the US NOAA traceability and anti-IUU regulations going into effect in Jan. 2018. For more information on this Sea Delight customers can view the NOAA website:

Interested parties can also attend the NOAA meeting at the Boston Seafood Show March 19 to 21.


Mr. Schorr explaining the new NOAA regulations

Mr. Schorr’s presentation was followed by a presentation by Ms. Susan Roxas from WWF, representing the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability.  WWF, the Global Food Traceability Center, together with a consortium of non-profits and academe is working with governments and worldwide fishery stakeholders to establish the groundwork for international voluntary standards for seafood traceability based on shared key data sets electronically captured and transmitted via interoperable IT architecture.  Consultations will be held in the Boston and Brussels seafood fairs, with a meeting in Bangkok on May 3 and 4 for deeper technical discussions with ASEAN industry representatives.

Sea Delight will be supporting the implementation of the VN Tuna FIP Trace Code system as well as the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability. Updated reports of our participation will be coming soon to this website.