FIP PROGRESS REPORT: Sea Delight Commends Fishery Manager for Improvement in East Java Handline Tuna Fishery

May 12, 2014 – Sendang Biru, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Good News on Management

In a recent visit to this bustling Indian Ocean fishing port Sea Delight and WWF Indonesia Seafood Savers representatives noted real progress in the management of the handline tuna fishery here.

Interviews with Mr. Goentoro, head of the local fisheries department (Kepala, Unit Pengelola Pelabuhan Perikanan Pantai Pondok Dadap, Sendang Biru) confirmed the completion of several important fishery management measures over the last three months.



Sea Delight representative Stephen Fisher and Mr. Goentoro discuss logbooks

 The fishery department has moved into its new office building located directly in the port. One hundred percent of the vessels in the fishery are completing onboard logbooks based on the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission guidelines and these logbooks are being filled out correctly, including species specific information on tuna catch. All of the handline tuna fleet in Sendang Biru are either registered or in the registration process and fishing legally. Any vessel landing tuna in the port that has no registration must pay a fine and the landed fish has to be auctioned in the Sendangbiru auction hall. Later, if they want to depart from and  land tuna at Sendang Biru, they have to begin the registration process with the fishery department.


New fisheries office in Sendang Biru port

This is very significant progress in a fishery that had no registered vessels, no species specific data collection and no significant government management effort when the Sea Delight – Seafood Savers FIP officially began in May, 2012.

To show Sea Delight’s appreciation of this progress Sea Delight owner Eugenio Sanchez personally sent a Letter of Commendation to Mr. Goentoro, via the Malang Regency regional fishery office.

National Government Collects Scientific Data

LOKA, a Bali-based sub-directorate of the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, has also established a port enumerator in Sendang Biru, specifically to collect data on tuna.

Catch numbers and length data are collected on every vessel unloading in the port. This data is entered digitally and collected and uploaded to the LOKA database the same day.



LOKA Enumerator uploading skipjack tuna length and count data

 Proposed Community Outreach on Improving Catch Quality

Sea Delight and WWF Indonesia Seafood Savers representatives also discussed a proposed community outreach project with key stakeholders in the fishery. The plan is to test onboard fish handling techniques used successfully in the General Santos Handline tuna fishery on select trial vessels in Sendang Biru. This plan was met with approval by Mr. Goentoro, fishing vessel owners, fish brokers/transporters and frozen tuna processors. These trials will be planned for June or July of this year and full reports will be filed on the Sea Delight Ocean Fund website ( ).



Vessel ice holds will be used to teach improved onboard handling and icing techniques



Unloading tuna in Sendang Biru