In order to manage a responsible utilization of fish resources, Ministry Marine Affairs and Fisheries held a meeting “Forum Coordination Fish Resources Utilization Management (FKPPS) Regional III NRI WPP-713, 714, 715 and 718 on 2 – 3 June, 2014 in Palu, Central Sulawesi with theme: “Management of Fish Resources Sustainable Utilization Through Implementation of Fisheries Management Plan (RPP) and the Ecosystem approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM).”  The ceremony of FKPPS Regional III was opened by Governor of Central Sulawesi Province and gathered some 64 participants from Ministry Marine Affairs and Fisheries, regional leaders of Central Sulawesi Province, Marine and Fisheries Agency from WPP – NRI 713, 714, 715 and 718; Fishing ports officer from WPP – NRI 713, 714, 715 and 718; Academia (Bogor Agriculture University, Palu Tadulako University and Palu Al Khairat University), Research and Development of Central Sulawesi province, Fish Quarantine Station Class II – Palu; Regional Environmental Agency; Water Police Directorate-Central Sulawesi, Palu Navy; Chairman of the Forum KUB INKAMINA Central Sulawesi; WWF-Indonesia; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Fisheries experts of Indonesia Marine and Climate Support Project (IMACS), Marine Protected Area Governance (MPAG); National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) and private sector. This meeting was a follow up to the FKPPS meeting in Ambon, 19 – 20 March, 2014. NOAA PPT

Presentation from National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA)

Based on (1) Message from Governor of Central Sulawesi and Message from Director of Fish Resources at the opening FKKPS Regional III; (2) EAFM leads by Dr. Rusty Brainard and Megan Moews-Asher from National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration-NOAA; (3) Fisheries Management Plan Progress and Regulation of Andon Fishermen in order to Fish Resource Management presented by Directorat of Fish Resources; (4) Control and Allocation of Fishing Efforts by Inspectorate General; (5) Discussion of Draft Review Fisheries Management Plan WPP-NRI 713, 714, 715 and Preparation of Management Action Plan WPP- NRI 713, 714 and 715; and consider to all participants feedback, the forum has summarized and decided all the list below:

  1. Sustainable fish resources Management in WPP-NRI carried out through the implementation of the Fishery Management Plan (RPP) using EAFM.
  2. Public consultation and coordination between stakeholders is a part of EAFM process especially in a level of preparation Fisheries Management Plan.
  3. FKPPS Regional III 2014 in Palu is a phase of public consultation that would then be determined by decree of Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.
  4. Directorate of Catch Fisheries through Directorate Fish Resources and Law Firm General Secretariat Marine Affairs and Fisheries will continue process legalization of Fisheries Management Plan Document WPP-NRI 713, 714 and 715 on June2014.
  5. Fisheries Management Plan WPP-NRI 713, 714 and 715 should be supported with adequate funding and allocated in state budget (APBN), regional budget (APBD) and other source that will be implemented starting in 2015.
  6. To complete/update data and information on the situation of fisheries in each of the WPP-NRI that will be used as the basis for calculationg the allocation of fishing effort on 17 – 19 June 2014 in Bandung, then each province in WPP-NRI 713, 714, 715 and 718 prepare supporting data that includes: number and size of vessels issued permits, type of fishing gear, catches production, water area or lenght of coastal area, readiness of industrialization, data andon and data rumpon.
  7. Directorate General of Catch Fisheries, Provincial office and Office of District/City jointly carry out rumpon and andon data collection and coordinated at regional FKPPS meeting in 2015.
  8. The method that previously agreed is used as a standard to calculate allocation of fishing effort in WPP-NRI (Appendix 1).
  9. National Commision Fish Stock Assesment (KOMNAS KAJIKAN) provide recommendation to Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to renew the ministry decree KP no. 45 of 2011 about Potential Estimation Fish Resources at WPP-NRI.
  10. FKPPS regional III year 2015 will be held in Bogor – West Java Province.


                         FKPPS Meeting             Draft Review Fisheries Management Plan

QUESTIONSQuestions and Discussion from Participants

Appendix 1. Formula Quota Distribution / Allocation (AK) per province and per district in a WPP-NRI Allocation measure: ALLOCATION MEASURES

Peubah Kriteria Bobot
W1 Jumlah nelayan Banyak Sedang Kecil
0.3 0.25 0.2
W2 Ketergantungan ekonomi terhadap SDI Tinggi Sedang Rendah
0.25 0.225 0.2
W3 Luas perairan Luas Sedang Sempit
0.2 0.175 0.15
W4 Skala usaha penangkapan ikan Kecil Sedang Besar
0.15 0.125 0.1
W5 Kesiapan industrialisasi Sangat Siap Siap Belum
0.1 0.075 0.05
CF1 Aktivitas konservasi Tinggi/Banyak Sedang Rendah/Kurang
0.6 0.55 0.5
CF2 Tingkat kepatuhan Tinggi/Penuh Sedang/Sebagian Rendah
0.4 0.3 0.2

Adjusment/Correction AK To ensure that the total allocation for all regions / fishing entrepreneur does not exceed JTB, then AK for every fishing entrepreneur needs to be adjusted / corrected as follows:: ADJ CORRECTIONS Where JTB97.5  is JTB minus 2.5% for reserve stock or for the regional/fishing entrepreneur who will comenext.