SeaShare and NFI Future Leaders Program

At Sea Delight, some of our team members have completed the National Fisheries Institute’s Future Leaders Program and as part of this program, they have learned about the wonderful work that SeaShare, a non-profit founded in 1994, does to help the seafood industry donate to hunger-relief efforts in the United States.

SeaShare is proud to be the only organization that maximizes the donation potential of the entire seafood industry. They tailor programs that efficiently leverage several donations – products, services, and funds – to generate large volumes that no single company could donate alone. With support from NFI member companies, they donated seafood to food banks in 28 states last year. Everyone has something to give, and the combined results provide a positive message that benefits the entire industry. 210 million servings of high protein seafood have been donated since 1994.

Protein is a difficult item for food banks to access. Hunger-relief used to rely on gleaning – finding excess and under-utilized food. It has evolved into a complex, creative process that combines generosity and food industry resources to generate the large volumes needed to keep food bank shelves filled. More often than not, there are unavoidable costs involved. SeaShare provides top-tier protein at less than $.40 per pound. That equates to 8 servings of nutritious protein per dollar.

SeaShare’s donors are responsible stewards of our resources and our environment, and that they are important contributors in their communities. SeaShare is one of the very best expressions of seafood sustainability.

Fishermen and processors remain generous, but the availability of under-utilized protein has decreased substantially. Future donations will focus on finished, retail-type products, and SeaShare is working to find more seafood companies to help share that burden. Financial support is increasingly important to their success.

We believe that together, we will feed more seafood to more people. We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your assistance in helping generate funding for this organization. You can make a donation HERE.