Bali, Indonesia. June 15 – 16, 2016.

Seafood Savers, the WWF Indonesia Initiative for Responsible Fisheries, held its annual meeting here at the Mercur Resort Sanur.

Attended by seafood industry members, representatives of Seafood Savers/WWF Indonesia and representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) the meeting was held as “a strategic platform for members and the government to exchange information and to support the realization of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in Indonesia.”

An important part of the meeting agenda was to review the progress of the various members Fishery Improvement Programs (FIP’s) as well as updates on Seafood Savers national efforts for 3 major national FIP’s. Seafood Savers also welcomed a new member, Celebes Seaweed Group, a seafood farming company.

The first day of the meeting was taken up by opening ceremonies, the membership ceremony for Celebes Seaweed and then presentations by Seafood Savers members on the FIP’s or AIP’s (Aquaculture Improvement Programs) they are involved in. Presentations from many aspects of the seafood industry were given, including wild shrimp trawl fisheries, tuna purse seine fisheries, live bottom fish and lobster fisheries, shrimp farming and East Java Handline tuna fishery Sea Delight has been involved in for the last 4 years.

The presentations followed a format previously provided by Seafood Savers and focused on progress in the FIP’s as well as challenges. Both Sea Delight and Sea Delight suppliers, gave presentations on the East Java Handline fishery.

This fishery has made great progress in the last 4 years, due much to efforts by Seafood Savers and Provincial and local fisheries authorities. Once a fishery operating from a wooden dock with no management effort ongoing at all, the fishery now boasts modern new port structures in the 2 main landing areas, ongoing successful efforts to register all vessels and an ever-expanding catch data collection program. Through training and port improvements, the quality of tuna landed has also greatly improved, and EasT Java has a good reputation with Indonesia tuna exporters.

cebelesCelebes Seaweed officially joins Seafood Savers

2  A slide from the Sea Delight presentation on the East Java Handline Tuna FIP

Some of the challenges noted in the Sea Delight presentation on the East Java Tuna FIP were the need to establish port enumerators that could work with all fishers and stakeholders in all 3 ports to improve onboard logbook use, expand port scientific data collection and coordinate onboard observer trips. Another challenge noted was that as the FIP passes its fourth year it is due for a review of the pre-assessment and work plan based on the revised “MSC Fisheries Certification Requirements and Guidance” (Version 2.0 October, 2014). It was also suggested to re-write the FIP action plan to identify tasks that compliment or are directly linked to the Indonesian National Tuna FIP.

3PT Satu Enam Delapan gives a presentation on the East Java Tuna FIP

Sea Delight and PT Satu Enam Delapan also completed and signed a letter to East Java Fisheries authorities congratulating them on the great progress they have made and urging them to continue their efforts.

The second day of the meeting was highlighted by presentations from Seafood Savers on the national Tuna, Trawl Shrimp and Bottom Fish FIP’s. Important progress on the national Tuna FIP was announced including the agreement of the MMAF to sign off on the Action Plan as national policy.

A representative from MMAF also had a presentation on national fisheries policy for the upcoming period. The presentation indicated robust support for improving fishery management in all sectors and supporting sustainability.


Group photo of participants on the first day

The highlight of day two for Sea Delight was the Seafood Saver Awards segment. Seafood Savers named Sea Delight as the “Most Innovative Company in Responsible Fisheries Practices”.

Sea Delight will continue to support Seafood Savers and the East Java Handline Tuna FIP in the future. Watch for more reports here.

 Sea Delight received award for “Most Innovative Company in Responsible Fisheries Practices.”