Nha Trang Seafood Processor Expands Support of Local Tuna Fishing Communities 

Dec. 14, 2016
Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam

Thinh Hung Co. LTD, a frozen seafood processor based in Nha Trang, Vietnam, has expanded its program to return better income to local tuna fishing communities here in Binh Dinh province. Thinh Hung is a key supplier of frozen Yellowfin tuna products to Sea Delight and Sea Delight strongly supports this community outreach activity.

The meeting was attended by more than 100 vessel owners

As reported here in October, the program teaches vessel operators better onboard handling practice for tuna, provides the tools to accomplish it, and pays the vessels more for the better quality tuna harvested. The gathering here in Tam Quan Bac, Binh Dinh Province hosted a fishers group of more than 100 members and was co-hosted by the Binh Dinh Provincial DECAFIREP (Fisheries) Office and the People’s Committee of Hoai Nhon District.


Sea Delight representative Stephen Fisher gave a pledge for industry support for the program

Thinh Hung signed a memorandum of understanding with the head of the fishers group representing over 170 vessels. This brings the total of tuna handline vessels enrolled in the program to over 340.


A slide from Fisher’s presentation

The fishers groups are taught to carefully track each lot of tuna landed and this contributes directly to Thinh Hung and Sea Delight developing robust traceability systems in line with the goals of the Vietnam Yellowfin Tuna FIP and the new US NOAA traceability regulations. These fishers groups will also be available for further training and assistance with FIP work tasks, such as improving logbook coverage, assisting with onboard observer trips and improved training on bycatch identification.


Thinh Hung Vice President Huynh Dac Tri presents the training manual

As the program grows the evidence of success grows with it. Thinh Hung management reports a marked increase in tuna quality and an increased percentage of fish good enough to be exported for fresh sashimi to the lucrative Japan market. This also translates to more better-quality tuna for export to Sea Delight.

The program has strong support from the fishers as it is financed by private industry and returns improved income to the fishing community. Sea Delight also supports this “win/win” program and will report here on new developments in the near future.