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  1. What are the various cuts of tuna available?

  2. Steaks, Loins, Saku, Ground Meat & Poke Cubes

  3. How is frozen tuna graded and how do you describe the difference?

  4. Grading:

    1. A: Color- pale red or dull red, meat is softer than AA and AAA, has more sinew.
    2. AA: bright red, watermelon red, meat is firm, has some sinew.
    3. AAA: bright red, water-melon red, meat is firm and has translucent quality (only visible when thawed), very limited sinew.
  5. What is the definition of sinew (tendon)?

  6. Sinew or Sugi is the white tendon found in tuna that can cause breakage in the meat or a chewy texture if too much is present. Sea Delight has very little tolerance for sinew ensuring the integrity of the meat and overall presentation of the products.

  7. What are the most common applications for Tuna Steaks?

  8. Tuna Steaks are most commonly prepared pan seared, grilled or baked. The steaks are most commonly used as Center of The Plate entree, protein for salads, burgers or sliced into pieces for tacos. There are many more applications that this versatile product can be used for, but these are the most common uses.

  9. What are the most common applications for Tuna Saku?

  10. Tuna Saku are most commonly prepared seared or raw. When prepared seared it is used as an appetizer accompanied with soy sauce and wasabi. The raw application is mainly for your sushi applications where it served as sashimi or nigiri.

  11. What are the most common applications for Tuna Loins?

  12. The Loin of the tuna embodies all the cuts available in a tuna and can be used for a variety of applications. Loins are great for chefs that want to use different parts of the tuna for a multitude of applications on their menu or special boards.

  13. What are the most common applications for Ground Tuna?

  14. Ground Tuna is typically used in a spicy tuna roll in sushi restaurants but is also used in other appetizers such as tuna tartar.

  15. What are the most common applications for Poke Cubes?

  16. Tuna Poke Cubes are used traditionally used as an appetizer dish served raw with a dipping sauce. The cubes can also be used in salads served raw over lettuce. The cubes can also be sautéed and used in cooked applications.

  17. What is the frozen and thaw shelf life of treated tuna products?

  18. The shelf life on frozen vaccuum packed treated tuna is 24 months and upon thaw the shelf life is between 3-5 days.

  19. What are the advantages of frozen versus fresh tuna?

  20. Frozen products have the advantage of offering cost control, portion control consistent availability and shelf stabilization.

  21. Why are some tuna products more red than others?

  22. Pale “burnt” meat color. Tuna color should be red. “Burnt” tuna describes fish that lack a bright red meat color and have more watery, softer flesh. This condition is often associated with yellowfin caught near the surface of the ocean. Although burned tuna sells for a substantial discount because it cannot be served raw as sashimi, after it is cooked it is very acceptable.

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