FisheryProgress Celebrates One Year

Here at Sea Delight, we’re excited to highlight the one-year anniversary of FisheryProgress, the one-stop shop for reliable information about Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) progress worldwide. Since it launched last October, we’ve been happy to see FisheryProgress become a tool for the seafood industry and FIP implementers – offering buyers consistent, verified information they need to make decisions about whether FIPs meet their sustainable seafood commitments and making it easier for FIPs to track and showcase their progress.

The site, a collaboration between the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions and FishChoice, gives users all the information they need to make decisions about whether FIPs meet their sourcing policy. For each FIP, users can view a progress snapshot and can easily access workplan details and supporting documentation if they need more information.

Since FisheryProgress launched last year, it has grown from 25 FIP profiles to more than 80, has had nearly 900 users sign up, and has introduced a slew of updates to make the site more useful. The website makes it possible for FIPs of any size or scope to connect with potential buyers, making sourcing from FIPs easier than ever. “It truly has been an honor to participate in the Advisory Committee for the development of this site and witness how it has grown since it was launched,” said Adriana Sánchez, Sustainability Director at Sea Delight.  “We look forward to continuing supporting the use of this website and work with existing and new FIPs into entering their information in this platform,” Sanchez added.


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