tasteless smoke

Tasteless super-purified smoke is organically manufactured to treat seafood and meat to maintain the freshness, color, texture, and natural flavor, particularly after the food is frozen and thawed. Learn more about Tasteless Smoke.

frozen fish

Freezing and cold storage is an efficient method of fish preservation. Freezing and frozen storage of fish can give a storage life of more than one year. If frozen with Vacuum Bag - shelf life is 24 months - without vacuum bag - it's 18 months. Provided the temperature is low enough - below -10°C bacterial action will be stopped by the freezing process.

traditional cold smoked tuna

Traditional Cold Smoke has been used for centuries in the preservation of meat and seafood. By using an advanced smoke system at low temperatures using a blend of food grade local wood chips and American hickory we produce a distinctive fine product in three categories, Classic, Gourmet and Sashimi. Learn more about our Traditional Cold Smoke Process.